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What if fertility, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period could be just a little bit easier?

counseling. expert information. practical resources. 


Family building is hard enough. Meeting unforseen challenges  in conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum can be downright overwhelming, make you doubt your choices, and leave you feeling alone. Counseling provides support and guidance so that you can feel connected, empowered and resilient, while you do the hard things.


Nature Tokens

Growing a family is rich with the everything of life, and by nature, touches the depths of our humanity. Curve balls happen, and we can be unexpectedly thrown into survival mode and struggle, and get pushed to our limits. When depression and anxiety take over, reaching out for help is a courageous move. I am honored to join with you when you are hurting by creating a safe and nourishing space to unwind. Together we can address: 

  • anxiety and depression

  • infertility

  • birth processing (for parents and birthworkers)

  • miscarriage and infant loss

  • relationship issues

  • new parent identity & returning to work

  • breast/chest feeding & newborn care 

  • attachment

  • donor conception and queer family making

  • adoption 

  • adoptees, DCP and genetic origins 

Wherever you are in your family building journey- trying to concieve, grieving a loss, expecting, or newly postpartum- we are not made to navigate our most vulnerable experiences alone, and you don't have to. This is a specially crafted safe place just for you in this time of big decisions and life changes. Here you can be gently held and cared for as you process what has been, what is currently, and how to get to where you want to be. 


There is one moment,

in particular, that is a sourcepoint and inspiration for this work. When I was ten, all I wanted was a sibling. After years of pleading and begging, my mom was pregnant- in my mind, a perfectly timed unplanned pregnancy. My dreams were alive, and even though my mom was caught off-guard, I like to think my enthusiasm was a balm.

     Luckily I witnessed my sister's birth, and it ignited something wild in my core, and set me rolling. RPC is a practice stems from that initial spark of passion for birth, awe for parents, and a forever devotion to newborns and their families. Thank you sister. My own struggles with postpartum anxiety and sleep deprivation gave me the lived experience to bring RPC into being.    

    I've been described as nurturing and warm, yet direct. My current personal intersection of identities are as a white, cis, queer, single parent by choice, which is to say, I am no stranger to choosing a non-traditional, hard path to creating family. 

      My past clinical experience includes working as a play therapist in the child welfare system and as a clinician at a rape crisis center, working with survivors of sexual assault. For 20+ years, alongside clinical work, I've also been a doula, supporting parents of preemie twins transition home from the NICU.

     I'm certified as a Perinatal Mental Health Counselor through Perinatal Support International (PSI) and am a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine's Mental Health Professionals Group.  


About Renée


The mission at RPC 

is to support those who have to work just a little bit harder to make a family happen. Infertility, miscarriage and loss, rough pregnancies, traumatic births, postpartum depression and new mom scary thoughts- Whatever challenges your story holds, this is a place you can let down, be validatied in your experience, and know you aren't alone.

     Add any of these struggles to individuals who are LGBTQIA or BIPOC, or identify as any other marginalized population, and you are at an intersection where systems majorly lack support. These are spaces I like to occupy, so I'm giving a shout out, but I work with anyone who is struggling with these issues, regardless of background and identities. I come from a feminist, social justice lens, with a particular bent toward smashing the patriarchy when it comes to carrying the mental load. 

    Starting therapy can feel daunting. I'm easy going, open and talkative, and bring humor, which, hopefully, puts you at ease. Your humanness is fully welcome as we dive into your thoughts and feelings, wants and needs, your past, future, and what brings you into therapy. Collaboration is key, centering your self-wisdom as we meet your goals, examine limiting beliefs, and shift patterns. Your inner landscape will be held in the larger current social context, with all the awareness of our systemic failings.        

     Trying, pregnancy, birth and postpartum are unique times that tune us into our animal nature, and exposes parts of ourselves that need support with such clarity. Kudos to you for listening to yourself, reaching out, and landing here.


License #MC60619300

Supervised by Jennifer Kennett, LMHC



What is a PMH-C?

You might be wondering what are those letters are after my name. "The Perinatal Mental Health Certification Program creates a structure for professional education and evaluation, and a standardization of training and experience to inform families and payers of perinatal mental health specialists. The certification curriculum requirements build on existing evidence-based perinatal mental health certificate trainings, adding an advanced-training component," from the Postpartum Support International website.

Blurry Petals

Racik Perinatal Counseling is in support of LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC folx, single parents, all relationship structures, and is inclusive of all bodies, sizes, abilities and differences. Different ways of building family are welcome, including using assisted reproductive technologies, adoption, foster care, surrogacy, and any other family building options. There are many ways to make family, and yours is welcome here.

Pink Flower


Racik Perinatal Counseling Is For:

  • any gender intended parents 

  • egg & sperm donors

  • donor conceived people

  • surrogates

  • adoptive birth/first parents

  • adoptees

  • birth professionals​


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