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  • Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

  • Infertility 

  • Queer Family Building

  • Perinatal Loss


Perinatal Anxiety and Depression



Racik Perinatal is founded on the idea that no one has to be alone in struggle. We all have our own journey with isolation, but there can be connection when we are hurting. Our commitment is to provide a safe space for you to explore your inner depths with compassion, openness and curiosity. Feeling overwhelmed in this time is a common experience. Doubt and shame creep in when our feeling state doesn't align with the honey sweetness our culture over-emphasizes in the perinatal time. Therapy has been shown to help support you in finding your way back to yourself. Come join me and we will do this together. 

Fertility Challenges

Fertility can take us on a wild goose chase to find out the root cause. This search can sometimes lead to more questions than answers. There is so much trying and when we try to do all the things for optimal health, the 

subsequent feelings of failure and self-blame seem to follow. Treatment options can be overwhelming, time consuming, and emotionally draining. And just needing fertility treatment in the first place can make you feel that your body is defective, or is altogether broken. With support and guidance, you can reclaim your innate wholeness, and bring more ease while figuring out what choices are best for you along the way. Let's work together so you don't have to be alone in this personal process. 


Family Building

Family building in the queer community is a creative process with a unique set of choices and considerations. Whether deciding to use donor egg or sperm, fostering, adopting, or using a surrogate, the process to get to a babe in arms is one to behold! There is a lot to consider about the longterm impacts of your choices, and it doesn't help that our systems are rough to navigate. Often the process is very personal and private, for good reason, but going unseen can be isolating. It's hard to know how much to share with other people, or how to handle unwanted remarks. We can do this together, one step at a time, as you move forward in your personal process with informed and caring support.

Miscarriage & Perinatal Loss

Grieving a perinatal loss can permanently change you. While you may never "get over" the loss, you can move forward by taking active steps to cope and find acceptance. Much easier said than done, right? We are in this together. We will take the time to face the heartbreak in baby steps to process the loss to find meaning, honor the life that is forever a part of you, and find a way forward that allows your grief to co-exist with your current reality. There are different types of perinatal loss, the most common being miscarriage, but there is also the inability to concieve, chemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, stillborn and fetal demise of the newborn. Your pain and experience of grief is what defines the loss, and it is worth giving yourself the space to unwind with loving care and attention. 

What is Psychotherapy? It is a process of exploration for purposes of self-discovery and change. Outside of inborn characteristics like temperment, much of who we are and how we function is learned from our lived experience. In an effort to avoid pain and suffering, we develop coping mechanisms, beliefs, and defenses which become automatic reactions to stressors, even when they do not serve us. The therapeutic process is about slowing down our reactions so that we can take a look, and perhaps make a different choice, so our habitual reactions can become chosen responses. This creates new neural pathways in our brains for change. By opening our innate curiosity, self-compassion and exploration with skillful therapeutic support, psychotherapy is a powerful tool for change and can help:

  • improve our self esteem

  • decrease anxiety and depression

  • process unresolved trauma 

  • become comfortable with not knowing

  • increase compassion for self and others

  • increase resilience and well-being  

  • create a toolbox of coping skills

  • support our nervous system 

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As a Perinatal Mental Health Counselor (PMH-C) trained by Postpartum Support International (PSI), I utilize best practices with the perinatal population. The therapeutic relationship is the foundation of our work, so building trust, rapport as a solid container are first and foremost. As a wholistic systems thinker, I include various approaches that work with the body, mind and spirit. We will explore your thoughts and feelings, examine your actions, incorporate body awareness, develop mindfulness and practice polyvagal/nervous system exercises.


Individual Therapy

What a rich time of change and transformation and a perfect time to prioritize yourself and your healing. By untangling the stress in your nervous system, taking this opportunity will not only serve you but will serve future generations as well.



$150/ 50 min

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Couples Therapy

Relationships can take a hard hit with challenges that arise in this sensitive time. Staying ahead of the ball can help you grow together by keeping the communication lines open and tended to. Counseling provides you the space to clarify your changing wants and needs in a safe container with non-biased support. 

$250/ 80 min

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Group Therapy

Isolation can be a large component of anxiety and depression. Connecting with others who are going through similar issues can be life changing and offer hope with new perspectives.

Each group meets weekly for 4 weeks with 4 - 6 participants.



$75/80 min group

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