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Perinatal Anxiety and Depression

At Racik Perinatal, we are founded in our core belief that no one should ever feel they are alone. We all have our own life’s journey, but the path doesn't have to be a lonely one. Our commitment is to provide a safe space for you to explore your inner depths with compassion, openness and curiosity. Feeling overwhelmed and blue about all the decisions and changes in this time is a common experience. Doubt and shame creep in when our feeling state doesn't align with the honey sweetness our culture over-emphasizes in the perinatal time. Therapy has been shown to help support you in finding your way back to yourself. Come join me and we will do this together. 


Infertility can take us on a wild goose chase to find out the root cause. This search can sometimes lead to more questions than answers. There is so much trying. When trying to do all the things for optimal health, the 

subsequent feelings of failure and self-blame seem to follow. Treatment options can be overwhelming, time consuming, and emotionally draining. And just needing fertility treatment in the first place can make you feel that your body is defective, or is altogether broken. With support and guidance, you can reclaim your innate wholeness, and bring more ease while figuring out what choices are best for you along the way. Let's work together so you don't have to be alone in this personal process. 


family building

Family building in the queer community is a creative process with a unique set of choices and considerations. Whether deciding to use donor egg or sperm, adopting, or using a surrogate, the process to get to a babe in arms is one to behold! There is a lot to consider about the longterm impacts of your choices, and it doesn't help that our systems are rough to navigate. Often the process is very personal and private, often going unseen. It's hard to know how much to share with other people, or how to handle unwanted remarks. We can do this together, one step at a time, as you move forward in your personal process with informed and caring support.

Miscarriage and infant loss

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